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IV Dispatch Minutes October 2, 2019

Illinois Valley Regional Dispatch
Law Enforcement Operations Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2019
The meeting was held Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at the Peru Municipal Building, 1901 4th Street, Peru, Illinois. Committee Chairman Douglas Bernabei called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.
LaSalle Police Chief Rob Uranich, Oglesby Police Chief Jim Knoblauch, Peru Police Chief Doug Bernabei and Mendota Police Chief Greg Kellen, Spring Valley Police Chief Kevin Sangston, Leland Police Chief Jason Bragg. Absent: Earlville Police Chief Darin Crask
LaSalle Police Department Sergeant Scott Samolinski, Peru Police Department Deputy Chief Bob Pyszka and Commander Sarah Raymond.
Jim Knoblauch made a motion to approve IVRD Law Enforcement Operations Committee minutes of June 28, 2018. Rob Uranich seconded the motion. All in favor; motion carried.
Rob Uranich made a motion to approve IVRD Law Enforcement Operations Committee minutes of August 13, 2018. Jim Knoblauch seconded the motion. All in favor; motion carried.
The following operational topics were presented by PSAP Manager Fischer:
Officers are reminded to wait to be acknowledged before they talk on the radio. TC’s get annoyed when officers don’t wait for them to tell them to go ahead causing them to miss radio traffic and are relying on the play back which takes time to obtain.
Radio edict, talk clear, be reasonable with the speed when talking we are all here for the same reason to serve the public so we need be considerate of each other. TC’s are busy at times and Officers are talking way to fast and mumbling.
Buttons, buttons, buttons, use the buttons whenever possible in silent dispatch (arriving on scene on non-emergency calls, type information into the CAD when possible to be added, when clearing the scene). Self-initiated CADS when possible (meal breaks, extra patrol, follow-up, meetings etc.)
Hyphenated last names just a reminder to have your officers NOT put in the hyphen.
Abandoned 911 Cell Calls—Please remind shift supervisors abandoned 911 calls are received upon call back if contact is
made with the caller the TC is to type a complete CAD with all information gathered notify the shift supervisor allowing
them to make the decision if an officer would respond or the TC could just close the CAD.
Reminder – IVRD doesn’t call key holders unless asked by the officer simply because the alarm company should be
attempting to contact the key holder.
Reminder when there is more than one officer working the OIC for the shift should let the dispatchers know when calling
10-41. They will be marked with a green asterisk so the TC’s know who the OIC for the shift.
NO BLIND TRANSFERS – When other agencies are forwarding calls to IVRD they should NOT blind transfer the calls, wait
for a TC to pick up the phone before the complete button is pushed. All I ask is if they are forwarding calls to IVRD in an
emergency situation make sure someone picks up the phone before they hang up.
Shared police radio frequencies- this is imperative make a consolidated communications center effective. This will allow
TC’s to listen to only the agencies they are required to listen to on one share channel which will eliminate them toggling
between channels and officers talking at the same time which happens all the time due to them not monitoring all
channels. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for IVRD to eliminate the pandemonium in the radio room at
times when it’s busy and stop the confusion. This will allow me to enforce the N/W/E concept for dispatching which I
know can be effective.
CAD Demo’s-Fire Committee is pondering possibility of implementing a new CAD system for IVRD. At this point we have
had TriTech show us their CAD product which was very nice but the price was unrealistic. There are many things we
could get by without and add at a later time. The bottom line is this is to improve the functionality, simplicity and having
information displayed in real time.
a.) CIS (Computer Information Systems) setting up a demo in November with CIS having TC & Fire / EMS in the
morning and Police & Board members in the afternoon
b.) Tri Tech will be coming back after the first of the year for a demo the TC & Fire / EMS in the
morning and Police & Board Members in the afternoon
TC’s will be invited to attend an upcoming Law Enforcement Operations Committee in 2020.
The members present and PSAP manger discussed the above topics in detail and the chiefs agreed they will share the
topics/requests back at their agencies.
The majority consensus of the members present was that the police chiefs have no interest in looking at a new CAD and
record management systems at this time in light of the expected costs of any new system. The committee agreed the
matter should be discussed by the full board for further direction or consensus.
To be determined January 2020
Jim Knoblauch made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rob Uranich seconded the motion. All in favor; motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

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