110 E. Walnut Street, Oglesby, IL 61348 • 815-883-3389
110 E. Walnut Street, Oglesby, IL 61348 • 815-883-3389

Regular Meeting Minutes: May 4, 2020

A REGULARMEETING OF THE OGLESBY CITY COUNCIL WAS HELD ON MONDAY, MAY 4, 2020 AT CITY HALL.  THE MEETING WAS CALLED TO ORDER AT 7:00 P.M.   (The meeting was not open to the public, it was live-streamed on Facebook).



Public comments on agenda items only: none


Al Torper Industries, Inc. $ 63.15; Ameren Illinois $ 34.86; Anixter Inc. $468.65; Barnhart $ 945.00; BPC Planning $ 223.30; BHMG Engineers $293.12; Bima, Tammy $100.00; Call One $ 3,058.03; Coble, Greg & Dawn $ 275.00; Comcast Business $ 3,990.89; Complete Integration & Service $ 562.50; Connecting Point $ 523.75; Conway Shield $ 250.00; Corcoran, Dale $ 47.50; Core & Main $ 932.00; De Lage Laden Financial $ 277.38; Debo Ace Hardware $ 26.85; Dinges Fire Company $ 99.99; Econo Signs $ 558.64; Edens, Cathie $ 308.01; Fluech, Lacey $ 6.17; Foster Coach Sales, Inc. $ 5.50; Grainco FS $ 596.06; Grainger $ 154.40; Halm’s Auto Parts $ 149.88; Hawkins, Inc. $ 846.00; Hayse, Doug $ 533.18; Humana Insurance $ 31,842.31; Hy-Vee Inc. $64.80; Il Assoc. of Chiefs $ 360.00; Il Public Risk Fund $ 4,480.00; Il Valley Excavating $1,483.75; IVRD $ 5,865.00; Illini State Bank Mastercard $ 4,,496.04; IVCH $ 457.80; John Deere Financial $ 263.95; John Pohar & Sons $ 6,368.20; John Senica Jr. $8.98; Kendrick Pest Control $ 105.00; Kittilson’s Garage $ 190.57; Kramarsic, Doug $ 500.00; Landcomp Landfill $ 1,760.62; Lasalle Office Supply $ 189.99; Mautino Distributing $ 13.00; McDonald, Kathe $ 100.00; Mertel Gravel $ 966.70; Miller, Krista $ 50.00; Mississippi Valley Pump $ 1,180.00; National Government Services Inc. $398.32, NCPERS Group Life Insurance $ 16.00; Nighthawk Total Control $ 28,338.33; Pg;esby Grade School $ 97,149.65; Republic Services $ 28,292.40; Rupert Concrete $ 1,000.00; Smart Source LLC $ 2,977.35; Springfield Electric $ 316.91; Standard Insurance – Life $ 1,073.69; Sunrise Supply $ 44.00; USPS $ 741.98; USA Bluebook $ 135.22; Verizon $168.32,; WEX Fleet Services $ 2,388.75.                      TOTALS $ 228,194.76

Commissioner Lijewski swears in Doug Hayse as the Oglesby Chief of Police.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY CURRAN, SECONDED BY LIJEWSKI to appoint Chief Doug Hayse to the Illinois Valley Regional Dispatch board.  AYES: ARGUBRIGHT, CULLINAN, CURRAN, LIJEWSKI, RIVARA.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY ARGUBRIGHT, SECONDED BY LIJEWSKI to seek bids for the sale of property located at 216 East Walnut Street.  AYES: ARGUBRIGHT, CULLINAN, CURRAN, LIJEWSKI, RIVARA.  Attorney Andreoni states his letter had the wrong address listed on it.  Attorney Andreoni states the city has the title to the property but suggests maybe Brian Spelich and Jim Clinard inspect the property.  Attorney Andreoni states the property is located in the TIF district and the property may be negotiable for that reason.  Attorney Andreoni states that publishing it for at least 30 days would be ideal.  Mayor Rivara said it may take some time and hopes someone is interested in the property.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY ARGUBRIGHT, SECONDED BY LIJEWSKI to resume Oglesby façade program for 2020 and establish committee members. AYES: ARGUBRIGHT, CULLINAN, CURRAN, LIJEWSKI, RIVARA.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY CURRAN, SECONDED BY ARGUBRIGHT to extend the water rate increase.  AYES: ARGUBRIGHT, CULLINAN, CURRAN, LIJEWSKI, RIVARA.  Commissioner Curran states it was to start May 1, 2020.  Commissioner Curran states that he is not opposed to the extension for one more month but anything after that warrants a discussion as it could affect the city’s grant eligibility.

Old Business:  Commissioner Lijewski feels it is ok to wait until the next meeting to make a decision in regards to cancel Summer Fun Fest.  Commissioner Lijewski brings up the matter of the 50/50 drawing and possibly extending into a Fall event for the City.  In doing this it would allow the money in the fund to grow.  Attorney Andreoni advises extending it because the city contributed a large portion to the fund.  Commissioner Curran asks what the nest event is and Commissioner Cullinan suggests letting it build it as well.  Commissioner Curran has concerns about canceling at the next city council meeting as it is exactly 30 days away at that point.  Commissioner Argubright questions the status of the carnival.  Mayor Rivara gives a brief explanation of the carnival’s plans.  Commissioner Argubright asks for verification on canceling any contracts for Summer Fun Fest.

Commissioner Curran gives explanation on why he voted against moving ahead on Senica Square.  Commissioner Curran praised the previous administration in regards to their research they did and the plan that was implemented.  Commissioner Curran feels the costs and risks were too great and that is why he voted against it.  Commissioner Curran feels that future plans should be looked at for the space.  Mayor Rivara states both property owners on either side of Senica Square have been contacted about possibly having murals put on their buildings.  Mayor Rivara states that due to the current with the lockdown everything is put on hold right now.  Commissioner Curran asks about putting together a committee in the future to see what can be done.

Commissioner Reports:

Argubright:  none

Lijewski:  Fire Department had 10 call outs.  Ambulance had 60 calls outs with 30 being transfers.  Commissioner Lijewski will be meeting with Chief Hayse to go over soon priorities for the police department.

Curran: water dept; hydrant flushing and bids for the water tower re-painting are out.  Electric dept; (city clerk states that the live feed is being project vertically rather than horizontally) GTI expansion projects continues, all power requirements are complete.  The reason Commissioner Curran mentions it is because additional rates may be added.  BHMG will be conducting an electric rate study.  The electric rate study will be added to an agenda in the future.  Commissioner Argubright questions what % of studies actually come back suggesting a lower rate?  He guesses less than 5%.  Mayor Rivara states the city’s electric rates are competitive and feels they are in the lower 3rd percent.  Mayor Rivara says the city needs to look at what happens when 32% of the generation is shut down.  Mayor Rivara gives an explanation of how electric rates and generation happen.  Mayor Rivara feels that keeping the rates competitive will keep the city in good shape.  Commissioner Curran addresses Commissioner Argubright in regards to the difference between the water and electric rate study.  Commissioner Curran feels there is no foreseeable issue with the current electric rates.  Street dept; branch chipping through the week.  Street maintenance: in mid-January Commissioner Curran was notified about work that will happen on Columbia street in 2021.  Commissioner Curran talks about the cost estimate for the project.  Commissioner Curran talks about the possibility of a grant to help with the costs of the project.

Cullinan: the Mayors Day parade on 05/05/2020 is canceled.  The city rec sign up on 05/16/2020 is canceled.  The summer camps will be postponed until a later date.  Commissioner Cullinan said he has been contacted about opening the parks.  Commissioner Cullinan and Parks & Rec. Director Bob Ghighi feel it is not a problem to reopen the parks.  Mayor Rivara interjects that he has a problem with reopening the parks.  Commissioner Cullinan explains that the playgrounds will be covered, shelters, restrooms, docks, the basesball field, basketball courts, and the park benches will be off limits.  No groups or gathers will be allowed.  Commissioner Cullinan feels if social distancing is practiced it should be okay.  Commissioner Cullinan would also like to see police patrol the area and enforce the rules.  Commissioner Cullinan states the city cannot have an officer in one spot for the day.  Commissioner Lijewski asks if fishing at McPhedran park would be allowed?  Commissioners Cullinan, Argubright and Lijewski discuss some of the options in regarding to possible opening.  Mayor Rivara states he understand the need to return to normal but asks for patience and understanding.  Mayor Rivara gives figures in regards to the COVID 10 virus impact.  Mayor Rivara suggest to continue on the same route for the next two weeks.  Commissioner Cullinan states that if things don’t go the way the Council wishes then they would have to close things again.  Commissioner Cullinan gives examples of surrounding area that have opened.  Commissioner Argubright gives the I & M Canal as an example.  Commissioner Cullinan states there should be limitations.  Commissioner Curran states his concerns in comparison to what the Governor recommends.

Mayor Rivara asks the Commissioners to come up with a plan and meet with them individually on how to ease into opening things and not put the city into a bind.  Mayor Rivara states it has to be done smart and slow and with a plan.  Commissioner Argubright asks if recreational fires are still banned?  Mayor Rivara states it was because of the amount of people.  Commissioner Lijewski states that keeping it to a minimum is a good idea.

Mayor Rivara reads the verbiage to enter into closed session.

A motion to enter into closed session is made by Commissioner Curran, seconded by Commisioner Lijewski at 7:45 p.m.

A motion to return to regular session is made by Commissioner Lijewski, seconded by Commissioner Curran at 9:03 p.m.

The council has reviewed closed session minutes.  A motion is made by Commissioner Argubright, seconded by Commissioner to release closed session minutes for the following dates: 02/05/2018, 05/07/2018, 06/04/2018, 08/06/2018, 03/04/2019, 07/01/2019, 08/05/2019, 10/07/2019 and 01/30/2020.  Attorney Andreoni speaks up and states that correct date should have been 01/20/2020. City Clerk notes the error and makes the correction.

A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Argubright, seconded by Commissioner Curran at 9:06 p.m. 

Amy Eitutis

City Clerk

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