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Oglesby Police Department Website

March 22, 2010 by Tom Porter  
Filed under News from Your City Council

header_053The Oglesby Police Department is pleased to announce that our new website is on-line. We are using this new website as a tool to introduce some completely new programs in the Police Department and also to revitalize some older programs that may have become stagnant.

A few of the new programs are the “House Watch”, the “Extra Patrol Request”, the “Ordinance Violation Submission” and the “Speed Enforcement Sign Request”. These, along with the “Bicycle Registration” and the “Business Key Holder Registration” are all available on the new website as an electronic submission form as well as being able to download printable copies that can be filled out and either mailed, faxed or dropped off in person at the Police Station.

I am hoping that the “House Watch Program” will be beneficial to anyone that leaves their house vacant for an extended period of time. All a resident is required to do, is to inform the Police Department of the extended absence and this new program will insure that the specified residence will receive an increased level of scrutiny while they are gone. This scrutiny will consist of an officer periodically visually inspecting the property and performing “door knob” checks of the exterior doors. These actions will be documented and a written report will be mailed or e-mailed to the resident that requested the service upon their return.

We have information posted that describes our Enhanced 911 System, including how to use it and what to expect when you place a 911 call.

In the “Department Personnel” section, we have posted photographs of all our full time personnel.

This website also provides each officer and telecommunicator with an individual e-mail address. This greatly improves that ability to communicate within the Police Department. Prior to this, the administration and staff literally communicated using hand written letters and “post-it” notes.

The Oglesby Police and myself are pleased to be able to offer this new tool to help the Police Department better communicate with the community and to also provide another avenue for the community to communicate with the Police Department.

I encourage everyone to explore www.oglesbypd.com and become familiar with these programs and services that the Oglesby Police Department now offers to the community.