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Reminder regarding grass clippings in the street:

May 27, 2011 by Tom Porter  
Filed under News from Your City Council

Leaving grass clippings on town sidewalks and streets is considered littering and subject to a fine per Oglesby Ordinance number 12.04.140 which I will print in it’s entirety below:

12.04.140 Deposits of grass cuttings unlawful.

A. There shall be no depositing of grass cuttings or of foliage upon any city street within the city.
B. Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of this section shall upon conviction be fined not less than five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each and every offense. (Ord. 238 §§ 1 and 2, 1966)
Sweeping grass clippings and dirt onto the street may cause the storm sewers to clog up. Please follow town ‘lawn mowing etiquette’ and sweep up and remove grass clippings, or sweep grass clippings back onto your own property.



Thank You,