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Texting and Cell Phone use in School Zones

November 17, 2010 by Tom Porter  
Filed under News from Your City Council

New laws have taken effect which affect the use of cell phones and texting while in school zones. The laws specifically target “distracted driving” and have been passed to reduce the dangers posed by drivers who use cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Please become familiar with the following changes and how they affect you while driving near schools.

  • The use of a cell phone without a hands-free device in a school zone is prohibited in all circumstances
  • Texting (including sending electronic messages such as email) is prohibited on all public roadways, unless the vehicle is stopped and the transmission is in neutral or park.

The Oglesby Police Department supports the new laws and will be conducting enforcement on these violations when observed or reported. Although the laws cited here are specific to school zones, motorists are encouraged to follow these laws at all times while operating a vehicle, especially near areas where children or pedestrians may be present.