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New term brings renewed focus on growth

May 9, 2011 by bclinard  
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Over the past year as Mayor, I found it easy to work with the City Council because our goal was simple.  To make improvements to the city and help it grow.


In the next four years my focus will remain the same.  I will continue to work close with the City Council, look for ways to expand the City for positive growth and try to find other revenue opportunities for the City.


What Oglesby has to offer for New Business Growth:

·        Prime location off of Interstate 39 (Exit 54)

·        More than 275 acres of land – within or adjacent to the City limits ready for development.

·        Enterprise Zone, TIF and other incentives available to developers.

·        Competitive electric and water rates

·        Illinois Valley Community College located in our City Limits.


Oglesby is ready for expansion:

·        Last year the City has finished the Mallick Road Substation, which would ensure adequate power source for future commercial growth.

·        In June 2011 the new 300,000 gallon water tower will be completed.

·        The City just finished upgrading our 9-1-1 emergency equipment in 2011.


Prospective residents of Oglesby:

·        A good mix of affordable homes.

·        Affordable rentals (single family & multifamily)

·        Safe community – Oglesby offers our own Police Protection, Oglesby Ambulance Service is now Paramedic Level which allows higher level of care and our own Fire Department with the equipment for fire and rescue.

·        Quality Public and Private Schools available from Preschool – 8th Grade.

·        Oglesby has great parks with summer and winter recreation programs for kids.

·        Oglesby is located a few miles from Starved Rock State Park


 Current Projects of Oglesby:

·        The City is working on storm and sewer separation with our road repair projects.

·        Our waste water treatment plant will be upgraded to meet EPA compliance.

·        We are exploring partnership to bring unlimited Broadband access via a fiber network to the City.

·        In May 2011 the new Oglesby Senior Housing with 50 units will be started.

·        The new expansion of Alliance Dental Group starts in May 2011.

·        McPhederan Park will be started in June 2011.  This park will offer a Lake with a fishing pier, a track around the lake with exercise stations, playground equipment for children and benches to sit and enjoy life.

·        This summer the City and IDOT will be working on our 4 corner project.  This project will include turning lanes at our main intersection into town.

·        Lehigh Park Project – Oglesby is well known for our beautiful Park and Recreation Areas.  This year the City will be working with the IDNR to add a recreation area behind the park next to the Vermillion River.  This area would have a parking area, picnic area, shelter and a canoe landing.  The City is applying for a grant to finish this project.


Events being held in Oglesby:

·        Farmer’s Market will be held again in 2011

·        Summer Fun Fest – This event is scheduled for July 7th-10th at the swimming pool grounds.  We will have a carnival with entertainment and beer garden.

·        Car Show will be held with Summer Fest on Sunday

·        Central State Baseball Tournament is back in our local area from August 5th-10th.  This event has the top 13 teams from 13 states that will compete for a chance to the World Series.

·        Fall Fest – This event is for people from all ages.  We will have kid’s events in the morning, the Scarecrow Scramble for older kids and adults.  Followed by a camp fire with hotdogs and smores.


I have lived and worked in Oglesby all my life.  My wife and I raised our two kids in this great town and I take pride in this City.  I will give 110% as Mayor to make this City the Best in the Illinois Valley.


Mayor Finley