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Minutes from October 7, 2013, meeting

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A MOTION WAS MADE BY PORTER, SECONDED BY YBORRA to approve the regular meeting minutes from September 16, 2013. AYES: PORTER, DANEKAS, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY PORTER, SECONDED BY RIVARA to approve the working meeting minutes from September 23, 2013 with one correction. AYES: PORTER, DANEKAS, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY DANEKAS, SECONDED BY PORTER to approve the invoices submitted for payment: A.S.K. Enterprises, $2,024.60; AEA, Inc., $10,095.04; Affordable Waste, $19,499.50; AFLAC, $117.67; Airgas USA, $81.77; Alan Environmental, $432.69; ALTEC Industries, $11,763.20; Bio-Tron, $152.56; Bjerkaas, Andi, $120.90; Brian Billard, $11,074.14; Brownstown Electric Supply, $580.00; Cleora Bruce, $43.32; Call One, $1,549.66; Carus Corporation, $1,701.24; Central Illinois Municipal Clerks, $30.00; City of Oglesby, Petty Cash, $46.35; Clinard, Becky, $282.26; Ameren IP, $120.86; American Red Cross, $200.00; Apple Press, $906.00; AWSS, Inc., $1,763.20; Comcast, $382.59; Connecting Point, $354.00; Cosgrove Distributors, $506.98; D&M Landscaping, $250.00; Dever & Sons Trucking, $1,041.20; De’Vine Floral Designs, $48.00; Double M Trucking, $90.00; Dresbach Distributing, $38.95; Efficient Billing Systems, $874.51; Katherine Elvin, $1,230.25; Emergency Medical Products, $780.33; Envision Healthcare, $240.00; Feece Oil, $3,895.55; Tierra Fisher, $171.23; Fleet Services, $3,237.46; Robert Fleming, $133.79; Friendly Farms, $1,300.00; Global Emergency Products, $320.70; Grainco FS, $590.98; Grant Grosenbach, $175.00; Halm’s Auto Parts, $332.23; Kayla Hawley, $51.39; Heartland Services, $486.79; Angela Heider, 182.84; Holloway’s Portables, $150.00; Hygienic Institute, $355.55; IVAC, $15.00; IAAF, $75.00; Illinois Valley Community College, $24,605.76; Illini State Bank – Police CC, $364.36; Illinois Prosecutor Services, $50.00; Illinois Valley Cellular, $569.76; Itron, Inc., $646.50; Jack’s Gas and Service, $66.00; Jeff Perry Buick, $267.29; Joan’s Trophy & Plaque, $82.85; Anna Johnson, $6.74; King Tire, $95.00; Kittilson’s $814.36; Knoblauch Advertising, $292.75; Kramarsic Law Offices, $150.00; Ladzinski Cement, $200.00; LaSalle Office Supply, $252.81; LP High School, $60,241.90; LP Foundation, $200.00; Casey MacKay, $600.00; Jean Martin, $1,230.25; Mautino Distributing, $12.00; Maze Lumber, $57.90; Menards, $597.84; Mertel Gravel, $461.63; Carol Jo Moore, $182.20; Motorola, $232.50; Dollar General, $78.00; NCICG, $1,500.00; NCPERS, $160.00; News Tribune, $171.50; North American Salt Co., $2,135.76; Oglesby Grade School, $105,873.99; Quad City Electric, $1,747.90; Eric Reishus, $1,230.25; Margaret Reishus, $615.13; Marlin Reishus, $615.13; Paul Reishus, $1,230.25; Revere Electric, $170.92; Dominic Rivara, $264.10; SBK, Inc., $29,835.01; Laurie Smudzinski, $200.06; Springfield Electric, $245.28; St. Margaret’s Hospital, $40.00; Standard Equipment, $200.01; Staples, $4.02; Stevens Service Center, $34.00; Studstill Media, $840.00; Sunrise Supply, $225.75; United Health Care, $139.92; USPS, $780.47; Universal, Inc., $944.40; USA Bluebook, $1,084.96; Water Products Co., $928.13; Aaron Whittington, $6.05; Wire Mesh Corp., $19,762.65; WLPO/WAJK Radio, $90.00; WTH Technology, $150.00. Total $346,428.58. AYES: DANEKAS, PORTER, RIVARA, YBORRA, MAYOR FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

The Mayor asked for comment from the public on agenda items. There were no comments or questions from the audience pertaining to the agenda items.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY YBORRA to place on file a supplemental right of way agreement with Ameren. Attorney Andreoni asked the council if, because the agreement had to be held over for two weeks, if Ameren could begin working. No one voiced concern about Ameren beginning work before the agreement was made official. AYES: DANEKAS, PORTER, RIVARA, YBORRA, MAYOR FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY PORTER, SECONDED BY YBORRA to expand the number of ordinance violations that can be settled at City Hall for a $75.00 fee. Both Commissioner Porter and Attorney Andreoni pointed out that the current ordinance is working well and that the move is saving the city in attorney fees and court costs. AYES: DANEKAS, PORTER, RIVARA, YBORRA, MAYOR FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY PORTER to authorize the city to enter into a “memorandum of understanding” with IBEW 150 regarding the employee residency issue. Rivara, who prefaced his motion by saying that he had promised his department he would make the motion, said later in the meeting that he did not agree with making Mike Wrobleski ‘give up’ anything in return. “This is an example of how not to conduct business and treat your employees,” said Rivara. Commissioner Porter said he had only recently decided how to vote, saying his “aye” vote was based on the principle that commissioners have sole executive power over their departments and that “he had a hard time taking a hard stance” against Wrobleski when Rivara had given him permission to move out of the 5-mile radius required by the contract. Commissioner Danekas read from a prepared statement, stating his objections to making a change “for the benefit of one employee on the backs of the other employees” and cautioned what it could mean for those employees in the next negotiations. AYES: PORTER, RIVARA, YBORRA, MAYOR FINLEY. NAY: DANEKAS. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY YBORRA, SECONDED BY PORTER to approve a request by the LP High School Foundation to hold a tag day on Saturday, April 5, 2013, from 8 a.m. to noon. AYES: DANEKAS, PORTER, RIVARA, YBORRA, MAYOR FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

The Mayor then opened the floor to public comment:

Tony Denett asked if it “really mattered where people live?” Commissioner Yborra said that an employee’s ability to respond quickly could be an issue. Rivara maintained that he was “not a believer in unrealistic residency.”

Vern Siemers asked if the council was going to “do something” about the perpetual garage sale at 410 Walnut Street. Attorney Andreoni said he didn’t believe there were any rules limiting garage sales, but could draft something if the council wished.

Mayor and Commissioners’ Reports:

Danekas said he would like to set up a committee to look at the possibility of developing approximately 5 acres west of McPhedran Park. He called for a meeting on Monday, Oct. 21, at 5:30 p.m. to gauge interest. Danekas said a community center and athletic fields could possibly bring people into the community and “fill up the hotels.”

Rivara asked about the status of the Vallero property. Andreoni told him that everything is done and that “the ball is in their court.” Rivara then again addressed the Wrobleski issue, saying that he felt the city could not have sustained its position in arbitration proceedings. He said the city was essentially “shaking down” Wrobleski because he was required to give up almost “$1,250.” He accused the city of “sitting on its hands” when the IVCC truck center was built. And Rivara said that after talking with Commissioner Porter that he (Rivara) was “wrong” about the “ambulance debacle.” He said “he doubted that he (Porter) would agree with where we he wants to go,” but that “to sit here and do nothing serves no purpose.”

Yborra reminded residents that leaf vacuuming would start on October 21 and go through Nov. 22. He asked residents to read the fliers carefully. He also announced that the Motor Fuel Tax project on Porter Street and Alice Avenue was complete. Workers will now focus on Woodland Avenue and replacing the force main. Andy Washelesky, of AEA, Inc., updated the council on the progress of the waste water treatment plant upgrade. He said the $187,000 screw press has been delivered and the digester lid has been removed.

Porter announced trick-or-treat hours will be 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Halloween night. He also questioned Andreoni if there was a process for authorizing a committee. Andreoni said that he didn’t believe there was, and noted that the committee would be required to report back to the council before any action was taken. Mayor Finley said that the committee was for gathering information only.

Mayor Finley announced the annual Halloween parade, which will be Saturday, Oct. 26th. Lineup is at 12:45 and the parade kicks off at 1 p.m. The parade will proceed from the corner of Spring and Walnut to the Dickinson House. He also gave a recap on the weekend’s Harvest Fest activities, saying that a little more than $500 was raised by the Scramble participants for Soldiers’ Angels.


Becky Clinard, City Clerk