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Minutes from the June 20, 2016, Meeting

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A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY CAREY to approve the meeting minutes from the June 6, 2016, meeting. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY CAREY TO APPROVE THE INVOICES AS PRESENTED: AEA, $11,700.00; Airgas, $73.10; Arrow International, $479.96; Ask Enterprises, $2,861.75; Stephanie Berg, $100.00; Big D Electric, $316.98; Andi Bjerkaas, $600.00; Eddie Boback, $125.30, Boehm Bros., $268.75; Riley Brovelli, $272.25; Brownstown Electric, $7,491.00; BSN Sports, 279.53; Call One, $2,776.37; Chamlin & Associates, $921.00, Comcastcable, $298.70; Connecting Point, $459.25; Cosgrove Distributors, $57.97; D & M Landscaping, $650.00; Daley’s Super Service, $64.33; Dixon Ottawa Comm., $270.00; Doheny’s Water Warehouse, $310.98; Double M Trucking, $210.00; Dresbach Distributing, $440.35; Econo Signs, $423.72; Cathie Edens, 6.80; Emergency Medical Products, $664.80; Diane Eutis, $116.14; Fastenal Company, $4.48; Feece Oil, $1,160.54; Fence Specialties, $100.00; Flags USA, $98.00; Shirley Garner, $738.08; Tyler Goatz, $100.00; Grainco FS, $223.20; Grosenbach’s Auto, $117.69; Halm’s Auto Parts, $184.98; Hawkins, $1,840.77; Hopkins & Associates, $9,500.00; Hygienic Institute, $355.55; IL Mun Elec. Agency Revenue Fun, $244,869.11; IL Rural Water, $568.44; Illini State Bank-Visa, $2,801.40; Illinois Valley Excavating, $1,880.00; Illinois Valley Food & Deli, $63.64; Illinois Valley Truck Repair, $640.72; Independent’s Service Company, $332.60; ITRON, $732.44; IVCH, $319.50; John Pohar & Sons, $773.00; John Sencia Jr., $531.72; Kevin, Kenny, $100.00; Key Outdoor Advertising, $1,270.00; Kittilson’s Garage, $1,911.97; Knoblauch Advertising, $414.00; LaSalle Office Supply, $136.47; Michael Margis, $12.15; Mautino Distributing, $25.00; Maze Lumber, $160.03; Menards, $1,057.87; Mertel Gravel, $1,040.01; Mississippi Valley Pump, $3,250.00; MTCO, $140.87; Newstribune, $1,480.85; Oglesby Elks Lodge, $50.00; Oglesby Grade School, $3,204.27; Oscar’s Automotive, $585.47; Perona, Peterlin, Andreoni & Associates, $2,512.37; Pomp’s Tire Peru, $134.91; Putnam County Painting, $5,935.00; Quill, $9.98; Republic Services- Allied Waste; $1,400.00; Riverstone Group, $277.29; Sherwin Williams, $198.00; Smith’s Sales & Service, $137.25; Staples Credit Plan, $392.40; Star Ford Lincoln, $38.21; Stuart Tree Service, $840.00; Peru Greenhouses, $705.00; United Rentals, $160.00; Universal, $1,463.60; USA Bluebook, $694.21; Water Products Company, $1,238.93; Witmer Public Safety Group, $75.00; TOTAL: $331,226.00 AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

The Mayor opened the floor for comments on the agenda items.

Vern Seimers inquired about the Rental Property Ordinance, asking if it had “teeth in it?” Seimers noted that the “town needed cleaning up.” Mayor Finley responded that he thought the ordinance would help the city crack down on nuisance properties.

Audrey Piecha voiced her protest over the resurfacing of East First Street, saying that 2nd Street “needs it really bad.”

A MOTION WAS MADE BY YBORRA, SECONDED BY CAREY to place the recently opened bids for the street improvement project on file. Yborra noted that the projects were both TIF eligible and that bids came in quite a bit lower than the engineer’s estimate. Advanced Asphalt bid $125,994.61, while Universal bid $133,705.26 for both projects. Yborra said that the main difference in the bids was the cost of asphalt, with Advanced bidding almost $11/ton less that Universal. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY CAREY to adopt Ordinance No. 926-062016, Intergovernmental Agreement with the Illinois Valley Regional Dispatch Center. This ordinance was placed on file last meeting and is the next step in consolidating Peru, LaSalle, Mendota and Oglesby’s dispatch centers. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE TO ADOPT ORDINANCE NO. 927-062016, PREVAILING WAGE. Attorney Andreoni explained that this ordinance is required by law to be passed each year. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY YBORRA, SECONDED BY CAREY to place Ordinance No. 928, Residential Rental Property Nuisance Prevention, on file. Andreoni explained that he set the ordinance up keeping in mind that the licensing requirement did not appear to be a revenue-producing tool. Andreoni said it was important to do so because Oglesby is not home-rule. The ordinance does allow the city to enforce its nuisance laws. Clerk Clinard asked for clarification that the ordinance could change from its present form and still be passed at the next meeting. Andreoni said that was true. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY YBORRA, SECONDED BY CAREY to approve Ordinance No. 929-0620106, which is a professional services agreement with Jacob & Klein to explore the possibility of developing a new TIF. Rivara questioned the process, wanting to make sure that there would be public hearings and more information available to the public. Finley assured him that this was just the first step in the process. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY RIVARA, SECONDED BY YBORRA to table the solicitor’s permit for AAA Siding, Windows and Doors. Before the vote, both Yborra and Carey questioned whether tabling the matter was necessary, as neither was in favor of approving the permit. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION TABLED.

A MOTION WAS MADE BY CAREY, SECONDED BY YBORRA to approve the peddler’s permit for Grandma Rosie’s Sweet Treats. The business is looking to “test the waters” this summer with a trailer parked on the empty lot at Walnut and Columbia. The Judd family has an option to purchase the property and would build a building on the site this winter if the experiment is successful. AYES: CAREY, RIVARA, YBORRA, FINLEY. MOTION CARRIED.

The Mayor then opened the floor for comments on any topic.

A group of neighbors representing the Deer Park area were present to voice their concerns about a property on Bluff street that is being used as weekend rental. The neighbors had received letters from Brian Moritz, the property owner asking for their support. Kathy Knoblauch said that the group was there not to support Moritz, but to voice their concerns. She also noted that Moritz was not paying the city pillow tax, as were the local hotels.

Andreoni explained that the city had been contacted by a neighbor who questioned the use of the property as a rental, when it sits in an area zoned Residential Single Family. Andreoni sent Moritz a letter telling him that he must immediately stop renting the unit out or he would be in violation of the city’s zoning. Moritz contacted Andreoni and said he wanted to come to the council meeting to discuss the matter. Andreoni’s interpretation of the ordinance is that because Moritz is running a business out of the home, rather than using it as single family residence, he is in violation.

Nancy Mortiz was there on behalf of her husband and said that it was not their intention to create a nuisance. Mortiz talked in length about the screening of the renters, their work on the property, their desire to be good neighbors and hinted that if the rentals were disallowed, the property would become a rental unit, which poses its own set of problems.

Andreoni explained to her that it wasn’t a “like or dislike” issue for the council, that the use of the home as a weekend rental is in violation of the current zoning of the property and that to use the property that way would require rezoning. Because he suspects that this may have to be settled in court, he asked the police to check on the property and note the names of the renters to establish a history in order to prove the city’s case.

Jerry Gruenwald asked about the petition he had presented to the Mayor at the last meeting and his concerns with the river access. The Mayor said that the police were increasing their patrols, but that there would not be a gate put up until the grant is unfrozen and work is completed.

Audrey Piecha then continued with her complaint with the resurfacing of 1st street vs. 2nd street. Yborra said that it was an issue of only having “a limited number of dollars to work with,” and that the projects were picked based on the recommendations of the engineer and street department. Yborra said one of the hazards of the job was that “the only people happy are the ones whose road you’re doing” and that left the ones whose road wasn’t being fixed unhappy. He also noted that in the 12-13 years he has been doing street improvements, this was the first time someone’s complained.

Commissioner and Mayor reports:

Commissioner Rivara asked about getting money for the river access project from the commercial business that uses the landing. Finley said that he had been working on it for a couple of years, but because the IDNR does not allow the city to charge fees, he had asked for a “donation.”

Attorney Andreoni told Rivara that Joel Hopkins was working on the appropriations ordinance and that it would be completed in time for passage before the end of July.

Commissioner Yborra reported that the street sweeper was back after undergoing some repairs.

Mayor Finley reminded residents that a meeting June 22 would be held to discuss fundraising for the swimming pool. Finley said that no one wanted the pool to close, so it was not necessary for those f jkl;’v bnxwishing to voice their opinions about keeping the pool open to attend unless they were willing to help raise funds. “If you’re not willing to help – don’t show up,” he said.



Becky Clinard, City Clerk