110 E. Walnut Street - Oglesby, Illinois 61348  ·  Phone: 815-883-3389

LeHigh Shelter Rental

For LeHigh Shelter rentals, please click on the links at the bottom of the page.

LeHigh Park

Shelter Pricing:

1/2 Front Shelter = $50

Full Front Shelter = $100

Back Shelter = $25

Stage Rental = $50

LeHigh Park Restrooms


1. NO bike riding on park grounds.

2. Water fountains are for drinking purposes only.

3. Restrooms are not to be used as play areas.

4. NO dogs allowed in parks.

5. Place all refuse in proper containers which are provided.

6. There is absolutely NO parking of any vehicles in LeHigh Park with the exception of the 3 handicapped parking spaces.  The person reserving the shelter is responsible for anyone illegally parking in park.

7. Anyone willfully damaging park property will be prosecuted.

8. Park closes at 11 PM.

9. If you need assistance, contact the Oglesby Police Dept. who will in turn notify proper personnel.

Bocce balls, horseshoes and stakes, volleyball and net, soccer ball, bag toss and badminton and net are available for picnic use at NO charge by contacting the Oglesby Parks and Recreation Dept. at (815) 883-8121.

**Call City Hall at 883-3389 in advance to reserve the shelter.

Front Shelter - side view