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“ICE” In Case of Emergency

May 31, 2010 by Tom Porter
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“In Case of Emergency” (ICE) Campaign

In view of recent terrorist events, hurricanes, and winter storms the “In Case of Emergency (ICE)” campaign has been launched worldwide. The idea is to store the word “ICE” in the address book of mobile phones with the name and phone number of the person that should be contacted in the event that the cell phone owner is injured and unable to communicate this information. For more than one contact name and priority, use ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc. It’s that simple.

Most people carry mobile phones, but research shows that more than 75% of people carry no details of who they would like contacted following a serious accident. With “ICE” first responders and hospital staff will turn to a victim’s mobile phone address book and know immediately who to contact. When seconds matter, this information may be vital. For example, the emergency contact may be able to provide critical information about the victim’s medical history. Research also suggests people may recover more quickly from the psychological effects of their loved one’s injury if they are involved at an earlier stage in the emergency.

Please think carefully about the “ICE” contact, especially when minors may be involved and this person has to give consent for emergency medical treatment.

ICE in your Mobile Phone

The original concept, conceived by Cambridge paramedic Bob Brotchie, involved putting the acronym ICE in front of your designated emergency contact. Follow these hints to get the best out of ICE:

Make sure the person whose name and number you are giving has agreed to be your ICE partner.

Make sure your ICE partner has a list of people they should contact on your behalf – including your place of work.

Make sure your ICE person’s number is one that’s easy to contact, for example a home number could be useless in an emergency if the person works full time.

Make sure your ICE partner knows about any medical conditions that could affect your emergency treatment – for example allergies or current medication.

Make sure if you are under 18, your ICE partner is a parent or guardian authorized to make decision on your behalf – for example if you need a life or death operation.

Should your preferred contact be deaf, then type ICETEXT then the name of your contact before saving the number.

Noted Concern:

My phone doesn’t show the callers name any more This will be because your ICE contact number is a duplicate entry of another contact in your phone book. If you have two numbers the same, your phone won’t know which one to display so it will show just the number. To get round this, simply type a * after the number under your ICE contact. It will still work and will cure the caller-ID problem.

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