110 E. Walnut Street, Oglesby, IL 61348 • 815-883-3389
110 E. Walnut Street, Oglesby, IL 61348 • 815-883-3389

City Hall Closure

City Hall will continue to remain closed to walk in traffic until further notice. All business may be conducted through the drive thru, phone or internet.

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well being of our employees and residents and thank you for your understanding and encourage you all to be safe and well.

Mayor Dominic Rivara

Leaf pick up schedule

Leaf Pick Up Runs
Oct. 18 – Nov. 19
•Monday & Tuesday Pickup:
Area East of Columbia Ave. and North of Walnut St. to Dry Bridge
•Wednesday Pickup:
Entire area West of Columbia Ave.
Entire area East of Dry Bridge
Fitzgerald Avenue, E. Mormon, Wyatt, Jones & Crockett Streets
•Thursday Pickup:
Area East of Columbia, South of Walnut to Dry Bridge
•Please have leaves out by 6:30A.M. on your collection day.
•Please don’t park vehicles in the street on your collection day.
•Place leaves on the right-of-way, no farther than 5 feet from the curb. (Not on the street!)
•Don’t mix paper, trash, bottles, animal waste, twigs, apples, etc. in with the leaves or pile leaves around mailboxes or poles.
•If your neighborhood pickup is scheduled for two consecutive days, crews will only be in your neighborhood one of those days, not both. Have leaves on berm the first scheduled day.
•Yard waste bags can be used if more rapid pickup is required.
•Once the truck goes down your street, it will not be back until the next week. This allows us to offer the service to all Oglesby residents.

Pet Clean Up Reminder

6.04.015 Animal nuisances—Owner responsibility.

It is unlawful for any owner, keeper or walker of any dog or cat to permit his or her dog or cat to discharge such animal’s excreta upon any public or private property, other than the property of the owner of any dog or cat, within the city if such owner, keeper or walker does not immediately thereafter remove and clean up such animal’s excreta from the public or private property.

(Ord. 145-031891 § 1, 1992)


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