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110 E. Walnut Street, Oglesby, IL 61348 • 815-883-3389

Minutes: January 10, 2019

9 A.M.

PRESENT:  Mayor Finley, Eric Zborowski, Bob Ghighi, Becky Clinard, Robert Mulane, Tim Harris

ABSENT:  Randy Senica

The committee met to go over the findings the members were assigned at the last meeting.

Finley spoke first, updating the committee on the ice rink and chiller component.  There was some discussion about what might not be included in the proposals, which would be additional costs.  There was some discussion about how the rink would be leveled, with a couple of possibilities presented:  a “sandbox,” or a raised platform, which we understood to be like portable staging that can either be purchased or rented.  Bob Mullane offered to look further into the raised staging.  Both Tim Harris and Bob Ghighi raised concerns about the “sand box,” noting that the sand could get into the water feature fixtures, how the sand would be removed each season, etc.  It was agreed that more information is needed.  Becky Clinard suggested that the group revisit the decision to not list the ice rink as an option in the bidding process, noting that other than the chiller installation and underground piping, the contractor would not be installing the portable rink.  The group agreed that pulling it out of the base bid was a good idea.  This also allows the project to proceed with the ice rink if the grant is not awarded.  There was discussion about reaching out to Echo Bluff for information, but it was pointed out that our plan may be seen as competition.  It was decided that we would continue to work with the two ice rink suppliers to get our questions answered.

Clinard and Bob Ghighi talked about their meeting with the representative from Imagination Playground out of the Peoria area.  The rep submitted photos of the water feature, both in daylight and at night with lights, to give the committee a better visual of what it would look like.  We discussed the options available that would allow the parks director to control the water with an app on his phone from anywhere, so that water could be conserved during times when the park is not being used (like during rainy days).   The representative had not yet submitted proposals for the benches, tables, etc.

Ghighi then spoke about a meeting with Dave Pellegrini, Spring Valley Unilock dealer.  Pellegrini met with Ghighi and Clinard recently and showed them what type of pavers were available.  He took them to the Compassionate Friends paver patio installed at Baker Lake.  The circular patio is approximately the size of one of the “circles” in the design.  The blocks are also engraved, which is something the committee hopes to do to allow citizens to place their own mark on the community space.  The approximately 8 x 13 block appears to be a good size for the area of the total project and for the individual engraving.  There are catalogs of the paver choices available.

The committee then discussed the presentation that would be made if the grant application makes the first cut.  Mayor Finley said he thought that Shug Grosenbach, an employee of NCICG who has experience with this type of presentation, would be a good choice for presenter.  We talked about getting materials ready for the presentation, because the time from notification to presentation is very short.  Clinard will pull together images that can be used to supplement the presentation, either in storyboard or handout form.

A time for the next meeting was not set, as it was agreed that whether or not we are asked to present for the OSLAD grant would help determine the next meeting’s agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

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